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Modernize Your Database Management With Managed Database Services

When you select GenX as your database managed services provider, you gain access to a host of benefits designed to streamline and optimize your database management processes.
  • Cost Reduction: By partnering with GenX for your database managed services, you can significantly reduce database management and administration costs, freeing up resources for other critical business functions.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Support: Our dedicated team ensures round-the-clock monitoring and support for your databases, guaranteeing continuous operation and timely resolution of any issues that may arise
  • Increased Uptime and Efficiency: With GenX, you can expect improved database uptime, efficiency, and performance. Our proactive approach to maintenance and optimization minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.
  • Enhanced Security: We prioritize database security, implementing robust measures to safeguard your data against potential threats and breaches. With GenX, you can trust that your sensitive information is protected at all times.
  • Optimized Working Capacity: Our database managed services optimize the working capacity of all critical systems, ensuring they operate at peak performance levels. This enables your business to meet growing demands and scale effectively.
  • Scalability and Data Management: GenX offers expandable transactions and data management solutions, allowing your databases to accommodate increasing volumes of transactions and data without compromising performance or reliability. This scalability ensures that your database infrastructure can support your organization's growth and evolving needs.

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    A Closer Look at Our Database Management Services

    Database Consulting Services

    GenX's database consulting services offer the specialized expertise necessary to design and deploy tailored database solutions aligned with the unique requirements of your organization.

    As a component of our comprehensive database managed services, we provide flexible and personalized consulting engagements across a range of database environments, including:

    • SAP
    • Oracle E-Business
    • Suite (EBS)
    • Oracle PeopleSoft
    • Oracle Siebel
    • Oracle Database Managed Services

    Rely on our Oracle managed DBA services to deliver the essential support required to mitigate challenges and propel your business towards success.

    Trust GenX to provide top-tier database consulting services optimized for Dubai and the UAE, ensuring your organization receives customized solutions that drive efficiency and growth.

    Continuous Managed DBA Services

    With our continuous managed DBA services, you can relax knowing that your database is under 24/7 monitoring, including after hours, weekends, and holidays.

    We conduct proactive health checks alongside round-the-clock monitoring and issue resolution to enhance the uptime and performance of your databases, ultimately boosting your organization’s agility and competitiveness.

    Reliable Database Administration

    GenX stands out as a trusted provider of database management services, offering solutions designed to lower costs and enhance productivity across database activities.

    Whether you opt for complete outsourcing or supplement your in-house team with our skilled DBA experts, our services allow you to prioritize crucial initiatives while minimizing time spent on routine tasks. Trust in our dependable database managed services for streamlined operations and improved efficiency.

    Upgrade Your Database with Confidence

    In the dynamic business and IT environment of Dubai and the UAE, executing a database upgrade seamlessly and efficiently is paramount.

    As a leading database managed services provider, GenX brings a wealth of experience in executing large-scale system upgrades that optimize ROI and minimize downtime.

    Following the upgrade, our expert team conducts thorough system testing, including performance and load testing, to pinpoint and resolve any issues, ensuring a smooth and successful launch.

    Trust GenX to elevate your database infrastructure with confidence, delivering exceptional results tailored for the unique challenges and opportunities in Dubai and the UAE.

    Dependable Database Performance Tuning

    As data workloads expand and configuration adjustments occur, our managed DBA services team stands ready to fine-tune your database for optimal performance.

    Through our reliable database managed services, we ensure your systems are finely tuned to manage peak loads and accommodate rising data volumes without compromising on response times. Trust us to keep your database performing at its best, delivering exceptional results even as your business grows and evolves.

    Boost Your Database Security

    In the face of escalating cyber threats, safeguarding every aspect of your IT infrastructure, including your databases, is paramount.

    At GenX, our remote managed DBA services team takes a proactive approach to monitor your databases, identifying and addressing potential threats and vulnerabilities swiftly. We ensure that your systems are fortified with the latest patches and updates, guaranteeing optimal security measures are in place.

    Trust GenX to enhance your database security, providing peace of mind in the dynamic digital landscape of Dubai and the UAE.

    Ensure the Strength of Your Backup and Discovery Plan

    In times of crisis, having a robust backup and disaster recovery plan in place is crucial.

    With GenX's proactive database backup and recovery services, you can fortify your environment against potential disasters.

    Our expert team will meticulously configure and back up your database, ensuring your assets are safeguarded. Should the need arise, we swiftly and efficiently recover your data to minimize downtime for your organization.

    Trust GenX to keep your backup and recovery plan solid, providing peace of mind in the ever-changing landscape of Dubai and the UAE.

    Get Support for Your Database

    With GenX’s team of DBA experts at the helm, rest assured your systems are in capable hands. Our experts proactively detect and resolve database performance issues before they disrupt your day-to-day operations.

    By entrusting your database management to us, you can direct your focus towards growing your business. Meanwhile, we handle all necessary tasks behind the scenes to ensure your databases are finely tuned and operating at peak efficiency.

    Our managed DBA services include:

    • Oracle
    • MySQL
    • Essbase
    • MariaDB
    • MongoDB
    • Cassandra
    • PostgreSQL
    • Microsoft SQL Server

    Get More Out of Your Database With Our Database Performance Tuning Services

    In today’s data-driven landscape, organizations heavily rely on robust and accessible database platforms and applications. However, ensuring their reliability and efficiency often demands substantial investments in terms of both money and resources.

    GenX’s managed database services and performance tuning solutions alleviate this burden by transferring the responsibility of database monitoring and management to our dedicated team. This ensures that all your critical systems operate seamlessly and as intended, providing you with the assurance you need to focus on your core business activities.

    Choose Your Level of Database Management and Support

    Whether your organization requires full-time database support, assistance to supplement your in-house database staff, or a dedicated DBA expert to bridge a skills gap, GenX is poised to assist you.

    With our team of DBAs, engineers, and technical support personnel, we offer proactive database administration and managed services tailored to your needs.

    Our flexible pricing and delivery models enable us to scale with your business, ensuring that you have the remote database management services necessary for growth and success. Trust GenX to provide the expertise and support your organization needs to thrive.

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    Frequent Questions

    What are the benefits of using managed database services?

    Utilizing managed database services offers numerous advantages, including:

    1. Scalability: Enjoy the flexibility to scale your services up or down according to your evolving needs, ensuring optimal resource allocation and cost-effectiveness.

    2. Enhanced Availability and Performance: Access specialized expertise and resources dedicated to optimizing performance, ensuring that your database systems are consistently available and performing at peak efficiency.

    3. Automated Backups and Updates: Mitigate the risk of data loss with automated backup solutions, while ensuring that your database software remains up-to-date with the latest patches and updates, enhancing security and reliability.

    How secure are your database management services?

    At GenX, we prioritize robust security within our managed DBA services. We employ a range of security measures to safeguard your data, including:

    1. Encryption: Utilizing encryption techniques to protect data both at rest and in transit, ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

    2. Intrusion Detection: Implementing intrusion detection systems to promptly identify and respond to any unauthorized access attempts or malicious activities.

    3. Continuous Monitoring: Conducting continuous monitoring of your database environment to detect and mitigate security threats in real-time.

    4. Regular Security Audits: Performing regular security audits to assess the effectiveness of existing security measures and identify any potential vulnerabilities.

    5. Secure Access Controls: Enforcing secure access controls to restrict access to sensitive data and ensure that only authorized users can interact with the database systems.

    Let GenX alleviate your data protection concerns with our reliable and comprehensive database managed services.

    How cost-effective are database managed services?

    Our managed database services are engineered to deliver cost-effectiveness by removing the necessity of hiring and training dedicated database administrators.

    Furthermore, you'll solely pay for the resources you utilize, offering the flexibility to scale in alignment with your business's evolving needs.

    Our outstanding track record, highlighted by achievements such as winning the Pinnacle of Excellence award and maintaining above 97% customer satisfaction, underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional service.

    With a presence of on-site technicians across the UAE and GCC, formidable partnerships with industry leaders, and a team of over 100 IT experts, we possess the expertise and resources needed to effectively manage your network.

    What kind of support can I expect from my managed DBA services?

    With our managed database services, you can trust that support is always available.

    Whenever issues arise, simply reach out to us for proactive 24/7 monitoring and support services. Our team of experts is ready to provide guidance on best practices for database management, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.